Hey, I was wondering if I could get a bit of critique on a song I'm working on. It's nowhere close to done, I'm still stockpiling some riffs before I work on arrangement. I wanted to know what you guys thought of what I had so far. I'm going for a mix of Neurosis/Pelican-like sludge with the cleaner moments of Cynic/fusion in general.

Btw, I know at times the drums are really simple, and that some of you may find the the part labeled 'Outro' to be way too long and monotonous. It's supposed to be that long, but like I said, I haven't arranged anything yet. That part will definitely be a lot more layered and atmospheric when I'm done.
Spreading Ashes (working title).zip
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I like the part after the outro with the effects and guitar. It reminds me a little bit of pink floyd, overall I think it was pretty good as well. I don't really have anything helpful, I would say the outro part is too long, but I actually read your post so I won't. If you arrange this into something it could be good.

and of course there's always the c4c
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