I picked up guitar a few years ago when i was about 15 just for fun, you know, to learn some halen and zep to showoff on youtube, but now im finding myself diving into musical theory, ear training and striving to achieve what musicians call: "perfect pitch."

so my question is, how far have you guys gotten in life with music? Gigs, recordings, studio, fame, fortune? Or just having a good time?
i have nearly perfect pitch but i'm lazy as hell.
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Well, myself, I've written a lot of songs. I 1st wrote really embarrassing stuff back when I was 15, stuff I think bout now and wanna puke. But I got a good sense of rhythm now. I can improvise really well. I can write solos over almost anythin. I've also written a lot of complex riffs. Ya know, the kinda stuff that other guys go, 'How did ya do that?' So, considerin that I had no musical trainin beforehand and have been palyin bout 4 years, I think I've done pretty good.

But I still can't listen by ear and get anythin. I've given up tryin to really. And I don't practice as much as I should. But the inspiration to write solos, riffs, and songs still comes. I also write my own lyrics and can sing pretty well.
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Well, I started about 3 years ago, and since then I've realized how amazing music truly is to say the least. I'd say that I know at least a decent amount of theory, which has only helped make me better. I'm just starting to find out what sound I'm going for, and have tried to work on improving my vocal and lyrical abilities. But I also need to find a band that is not dysfunctional, haha.

Music has changed my life though, because it could be something I delve into deeper in college, as maybe a teacher or something of the sort (i'm a junior btw).
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My name is Slash and I've reached the expert level career.

Joke aside.... I'm just learning/playing guitar as a spare time interest. Trying to learn a bit of theory whenever I fancy, but not keeping that as a drive. So yeah, I'll go by the "having a good time category" probably
Well Ive played guitar since I was 14 (19 now) and I am at the point where I am in a band playing covers for bars and we do pretty good.... It is a 3 piece set up but with 5 members.. (drummer, bass, guitar, girl and guy singer) and we make out pretty ok with a bar gig every weekend with a break here and there... not bad when each member rakes in 100 each either for a few hours work. We have a few originals too but I feel like I am the only one trying to get better at my instrument (i slacked in theory and am picking it back up now) while others think they are fine how they are....

Music has impacted my life alot and I hop in another year my band will be touring instead of local bar gigs.
i've pretty much not done anything you've mentioned yet xD
and i don't have much plans yet either. all i plan, for now, is to reach university and take a degree on composition. and then, i'll probably have to give some classes. or even before i finish university. uhmm...
Well, I've been playing only since earlier this year, but it feels I've learned faster han normal. I'm somewhere between grade 3/4 standard. I'm beginning to get the hang of some Van Halen and GnR licks, and that's the hard ones too. Me and my friend are actually about to start playing pubs, so I'm at least a competent player. Not talented though. ._.

I'd like to see if I can become excellent, or if I'm just stuck here. Music is really boundless, so you can never say you're as good as you'll ever get.
there are hard GnR licks? lol kidding.... the build up for sweet child solos second half always kills me cause i forget to use wah and it sounds out.
Nothing serious, I just play. I've gone through a huge phase of intense practicing of technique. I just don't have time to practice it anymore, university, etc. Thank god I got some good time in during highschool. Now I compose, work on my improvisation.
i started in february (this year) and im prety happy with me, i can do excellent pinch harmonics, i can do sweep picking, im good improvising. I've 7 songs but i really have to work with me fingertapping =S