Actually what it says rather than tube vs. ss like my last topic with this name!

Anyway, I'm looking at two tube amps. The first is a Fender Blues Junior(Class AB, 15 watts, 1 x 12 speaker, combo), the second a Blackheart Little Giant stack (Class A, 5 watt head, 400 watt used 4 x 12 cab if it can drive it, if not, 75-watt 1 x 12 cab to put out power through).

The stack is cheaper, but I prefer the combo form factor, plus Fender is a reliable name in my experience, and I've never bought a Blackheart product. Plus it won't go through tubes as fast(Class AB burns out slower than class A).

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fyi blackheart is Crate. I don't have any experience with them either but figured I'd let you know.
What 4x12 are you looking at, are those the only two amps you're looking at, and what are you looking to do?

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