Okay, so I am going to get an LTD EC500 very soon and I am going to use it mainly for heavy metal. my friend has the Crate GT1200H / G412ST half stack and it does have a feedback problem, but wouldn't it sound just fine with a noise suppressor pedal? please give me advice. i can get one of these babies for $300 and thats the best deal i've seen for a halfstack.
That's what the other guitarist in my band uses. It's not the most amazing amp even for solid state but doesn't sound horrible. But you may be able to find something better.

What's your price range?
Why do you want a half stack?
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$350. and I want a half stack for gigging. I have a Spider II 75 watt combo already but want something with a little more power.
what kind of music do you play...and cheap solid state half stacks=terrible pos's
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what kind of music do you play...and cheap solid state half stacks=terrible pos's


Also going from 75 watts to 120 watts isnt going to make much of a differenceand factor in a half stack isnt going to make it much louder. Then sprinkle a bit SS clipping on top of the mix and you have yourself one hell of a un-researched turd.
half stack =/= good

the gt's themselves are okay practice amps if you want something small or are just beginning but its not a great amp

the spider III is on par with the gt

keep savin, dude

and generally 75 watt ss is normally enough to be able to cut through in a band setting
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.
300$ half stack = junk. Considering a spider 75 watt is the same price what kind of 100 watt amp with 3 more speakers you think your gonna get. More power with more speakers for same money leans less quality.
you will fail epically if you get one of those amps.

honestly, save up for a tube. Owning one gigable solid state is ok, but two is like slapping the guitar gods across the face.
bad amp, i had one, thought it was awesome, it was my first half stack. Gain channel sounded like someone was rapeing a kitten, horrible. for 300 you can get a lot of nice tube combos, go that route.

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