I was looking to get a talk box, just because I think it would be fun to play around with. Can anyone recommend me one that is relatively in expensive and decent?
Build your own if you're up to it. There are a couple of tutorials on you tube and it seems easy enough. Something I'm planning on doing when I get more time. Otherwise you'll probably be paying 100 dollars or more for something that might be fun to play around with.

Edit: sorry I didn't actually recommend anything, I don't know much about commercial talk boxes. Just wanted to let you know about the possibility of building one.
banshee or banchee not sure how its spelled.... costs around 100 bucks.... its teh cheepest i was able to find
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banshee, 150 usd, or the dano i dont even know what its called. rocktron or diy imo.
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danelectro has a talk box. look into rocktron banshee and dunlop.
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