I use and really love Fender heavy picks, I've tried some other stuff but always come back to these (although I want to try extra heavy).

Does anyone know exactly how thick they are? I've searched and can't find them, but I'm curious for the exact gauge (yes, that means a number in mm).
pretty sure they're 1.0 mm bro...I used those as well until a buddy of mine told me to try a Dunlop Jazz III pick...They feel quite awkward at first but now I refuse to use anything else...You feel like you have so much more control with those, in my opinion. The ones I use are "Sharp" too, so if you find some sharp Dunlop Jazz III picks, try them out!
Fender Heavys are great. I hate the thin Fenders tho, they go snappity snap snap in half. Also check out a few of the off brands like the JaZZ 3 mentioned above. A lot of thick-pick fans end up using stuff like that.
try the jazz III as most people suggests
they are great for guitar playing
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yah, jazz III or eric johnson sig pick. its also dunlop, almost the same as a jazz III, but a slightly more ergonomic shape for gripping. but same accuracy and tone and shit.
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I only use Fender medium picks. I just find them the best picks to use.
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I like the Dunlop Big Stubbys...almost picked up a pack of Jazz IIIs this past saturday, but the small size threw me off.
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I use Fender Extra Heavies.

Love 'Em.
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Quote by litus
try the jazz III as most people suggests
they are great for guitar playing

i wouldn't suggest using them to...brush your teeth though

i use tortex .72...the yellow ones...been playing with one pick for about a year now


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I've used nothing but 2mm Gator Grips for the past year now. When I first started off, I used the Fender Heavies, but they just weren't heavy or thick enough. I've got to have some meat behind my stroke.

Jazz IIIs are great too. Just small.