Hey, im looking for a decent portable guitar solution to play on the go... anyone had any experience with either of these? how were they? think theyre decent enough for recording or even playing live once in a while?

so far, I like the tone of the amplug, even though its digital... but the pod generally has more features.
I have the ac30 amplug and it sounds really good, though it sounds a lot more like an ac30 when using single coils than when using humbuckers. As far as recording or playing live with it, I tried using it for a small jazz gig that I have every week, but it was pretty laughable interms of adaptors and such you have to plug into it to get it to 1/4", especially since you have to have those adaptors right on your guitar. I wouldn't recommend recording with it either, but at $30 or $40 it serves its purpose as a practice amp very well. If you are looking to get a broader use out of it then the pod might be the better, but more expensive choice.
The amPlug is analog. The amPlug is very convenient and sounds good. I just hang my guitar up with the amPlug and headphones. You can walk around and play with the amPlug. That's the main advantage. You will get more variety of tones and FX with the Pod.
The pocket pod will have way more amp models & effects, but is a little clunkier to use than the amplug. I have a pocket pod for headphone practice -- this it does well, especially with a good set of headphones. I don't think it sounds good as a preamp through my amplifier & speaker, though.