I have a fender strat with an original floyd rose. I asked Tim which humbucker to get for a Children of Bodom Alexi Laiho sound, and he suggested the Miracle Man. I asked about the Rammstein tone, and he said either that or the Pain Killer. My strats alder, its a bolt on neck, and as I said, a floating bridge. I want a very powerful and focused tone closest to Children of Bodom and Rammstein. I want extreme crunch on palm mutes. I don't like overly middy pickups. MONEY IS NOT AN ISSUE!

Anyone-tell me as much as possible about these pickups, would these suggestions really be best for the tone I'm going for? For now, my two favorites from the few clips I've heard are the Miracle Man and the Wat Pig.

If not BK, should I go with EMG, Dimarzio, or Seymour Duncan? I'm considering the Seymour Duncan Blackouts, EMG 81s w/18v, and Dimarzio Evolutions.

dude.. heard of an amp?

pickups do shite all

but check out the dimarzio x2n i think thatll get you a mid-crunchy tone
I've got a Marshall JVM 410H with a 1960BV cab. i might switch to a Mesa but I'm not sure. But I still want to find a good pickup, I've heard a lot of different sounds and I really want to find that crushing tone from a pickup. I also want to make sure It's not too muddy.
Wait, you talked to the guy who makes these pickups and now you're asking a bunch of anonymous people on the internet if he's right?
Get the ones he suggested. Either those or EMGs, but they're such different pickups that if you can't decide between those you really need to do more research.
Well trust Tim, he's a great guy. Highly recommend Bareknuckles!
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Why don't you just get Emgs, they're what COB and rammstein use anyway so you should be good
I've been doing a lot of research online, and at this point my choices have come down to the Miracle Man, the War Pig, or the War Pig Ceramic. I haven't researched Rammstein's guitarist's rigs/setups/etc, but in COB Alexi uses a gain boost on a passive EMG HZ..it seems more practical to get the passive equivalent of that. Plus the BK's have more warmth, so not having the EXACT tone would be worth having passive pickups that sound more organic. As I already said I want in-your-face Children of Bodom (Alexi Laiho) tones, as well as heavy, focused, and powerful Rammstein tones. I like a full sound and good treble without too many mids, so I've come down to these choices. More suggestions, tips, and clips would be greatly appreciated!

The exact tones I'm really going for:

In Your Face by Children of Bodom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLAjKtmT3lk

If You Want Peace Prepare for War: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB71RDJhxNM

Are You Dead Yet? by Children of Bodom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBaYbOnp7hU

Keine Lust by Rammstein: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dQ-y0fTqfg

Sonne by Rammstein: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfHlA3fmJG0
alexi actually uses a seymour duncan blackout now. he switched right after his sig guitar came out. shame he didnt switch before. i like the tone of those much better. i'm not big on active pickups, but if i had to choose between a blackout or any active emg bucker, blackout all the way.
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Focus on your amp tone rather than the pickups, if you can get an awesome tone through your stock pickups and your amp, upgrading them will only compliment it at the end of the day. Work with what you've got before shelling out.