im taking a class called music acoustics and we are learning about how the ear hears different sounds and pitches ...
anyways for the final: we have to make our own instrument and perform with it. it can be creative or something that already exists

im thinking about making an acoustic guitar
it doesnt need to be good quality just as long as its playable

any suggestions as to how to go about doing this
what kind of wood? how would i make the bridge or the head with tuners?
Do you have to make the bridge and the tuners?
If not you can buy that stuff from Stew Mac...
Stew Mac is also a good resource for Acoustic woods and building supplies...
I think its a great idea! What are your ideas so far?
i dont know
ill ask the professor tomorrow if i can buy parts

i wish it would come out like this


but it will probably end up like this
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If there's one thing I learned from taking physics, it's how sound works. I still remember so much about sound and how it travels and how to modify it and everything. That's like the one and only thing I learned and retained from school.