hey guys.. im not really sure where this goes.. so if its not supposed to be here can u tell me where to put it.. but anyways
i have been playing for a few years now.. but i just play songs.. i dont really have any structure to my practise.. i dont do any exercises as such.. so what are some exercises i can do to get some structure into my practice so i can develop some decent technique
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Electric guitar thread. That is if you're talking about electric guitar. Look at the stickied threads there and also some lessons here on UG which talk about the best way to practice. Delete this thread and repost dude.
Buy Rock Discipline by John Petrucci.
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But on-topic, Youtube is your friend. Certainly saved my *ss when I couldn't take any lessons.
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Buy Rock Discipline by John Petrucci.

or you could watch it on youtube for free. but +1 to the idea.
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YouTube lessons, buy a DVD, scales are a great way to practise. Also, guitar magazines are great, "guitar techniques" magazine has a one minute lick in it that's designed to be learned in one minute. It's great and they're not always that easy. All guitar magazines with tabs have step by step instructions on how to play different parts, so it can help you master them. The easiest way to practice like this is learn each section and not move to the next section until you can play the one before it.
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Buy Rock Discipline by John Petrucci.

It really should be called shred discipline, and it doesn't really teach you anything but dexterity and speed, which the threadstarter may, or may not have already.

RD isn't all that great.

Not everyone wants to practice with a metronome and a horrible scale for five hours a day.
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Get the steve vai 10 hour workout you should be able to find it on the net somewhere. Read it, do the excersizes to a metronome. the metronome is really important. stuff like scales, string skips, legato, tapping, chromatic stuff. Also dont just do everything going up the neck, do variations and mix it up a bit.
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