so yea this is gonna be my first electric guitar and i dont know which to pick, i got it narrowed down to two.


Case included with the second

any and all help choosing from more experienced players would be greatly appreciated.
wat brand are they?


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Get the 2nd one as strat copies are good first guitars (I had one) and I just don't like the look of the first one but that's my opinion
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i only know what the first one is and its a Schecter Omen 6 Diamond Series.

i was actually thinking the second one cause there is the case too, and the first one doesn't have one and Ive got experience in not having a case for an acoustic and it sux, but i didn't know which one would perform better, or would be easier for a beginner.
I would get the Schecter.

Also,what amp are you getting?
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2nd one. amp wise dont get a Roland Cube or a Line6 Spider
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if you are going to play rock/ mainly metal , then the scheter. otherwise the strat.
and get the cube as the amp.
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im goin to sometime this week aint got a ride to them right now, and i dont know what to look for on an electric like i said this is gonna be my first electric, so i dont even know what i would be looking for when i try them out.
don't get schecters. for your first guitar, get the strat knockoff. that way, you'll appreciate better guitars in the future. trust me on this. my first was a strat knockoff...


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the strat is genrally a more all rounder guitar
the scheter is more limited
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really i want something that i can have for awhile that i dont have to worry bout breakin on my when i play it. and sounds good with whatever type of music i play. but one things for damn sure i will never play country music
Yea the strat and roland cube. Remember your amp is just as important if not more important as long as the guitar is decent.
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I'd take the Schecter over the strat copy.
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