Hey all, I'm going to start learning classical guitar soon. I mostly want to play because I heard Cavatina, and not much else. I assume there's a whole ton of music out there like that, so I'm really excited to start playing.

But I've been doing some browsing for some songs (I will learn from the start obviously) which I could aim to play in the long term, and just listen to. But I have only come across Cavatina, and another song called Claudia's theme. I'll assume everyone has heard Cavatina, so here is the latter:


I'm not even sure if it's arranged for one guitar or two, but I'm sure there's an arrangement for solo guitar somewhere. But that's the kind of music I really want to play, above Spanish pieces. Is there a certain name for this genre? Apart from 'soundtrack', I know they are both movie soundtracks, but that isn't what makes me like them so much. In fact I haven't seen The Deer Hunter or Unforgiven, it's just the music I like. Has anyone got any similar songs, or artists, or anywhere to point me? Thanks for any suggestions!
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hey TS, do you have a location for that Claudia's Theme tab? I can't find it and it sounds awesome!
Hey man, I've been listening to some Acoustic Alchemy on youtube, man I'm really liking it, might go and buy a few CDs. Thanks for the great suggestion. And no, I don't have any tabs for Claudia's Theme, I know there's sheet music, which I'm going to buy when I'm up to that level. And I agree, it's such a great song.

Any others, people?
There are quite a few tabs for claudia's theme at 911tabs but you need guitar pro
here's some of the intro if you want to have a play around with it, obviously I didint put the timing into the tab so figure it out yourself




I'd actually really appreciate it if you tabbed that out in full sometime. It's beautiful.. and so elegantly simple.
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Diary of a Madman- Randy Rhoads (Ozzy)

Type into youtube "Brouwer Etude VI"... You will be shocked.... I wonder where randy got the intro from?!!
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