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10 77%
3 23%
Voters: 13.
Apples and oranges, also no vs threads.
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DEFINITALLY MARSHALL! (because that my name) and the distortion of their tiniest of amps OWN ALL!
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The Carrera was about €1200 (£949), and I got the Hellcat head for about €1750 (£1399, a whole £300 off the usual price). The cab, I'm not sure. I think they are worth every penny I paid.
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Cornford, by far. Qualitwise, Marshalls aren't that great anymore (not even their handwireds!).
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blatantly cornford
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Old Marshall beats Cornford - Cornford beats any Marshall after 1980

I think I agree with this (JCM 800 > Cornford IMO, and IIRC, 800 was a product of the 80s).

Also, reported TS. VS threads not allowed.
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