Hey guys, so i have a GT5 ony my HRD.
I have the GT5 between my guitar and amp, cause i dont get it in the fx loop, dont seem to get how it works???
And it kinda sucks a lot of tone.
I think i need to get rid of it cause, the clean of the HRD is heaven and i dont want it fecked. Maybe it would help if i put the gt 5 in fx loop ? but how ? If i just put my guitar in the amp and the GT5 in the fx loop , theres no sound. The book of the GT5 says something weird: Put the gt 5 in the FX loop , guitar in GT5's MAIN IN and than the AMP's return into the main output of the GT5 ?? what's that

So maybe any suggestions on better Multi FX, or should i just screw it and get loose pedals again (cause u lose less of the clean sound of the HRD) ??