I'm pretty much dissatisfied with my 6505. I've tried everything, new cabs, effects, several guitars and so on, and I just cannot get a smooth, fat tone out of it. I can get an okay rhythm tone, but that's it.

I don't want to copy Necrophagist's tone, but their tone is pretty much what I'm going for. I know that if I would want the exact tone, an ENGL SE670 or something would be my choice, but that's way out of the budget.

I want an amp that can do fat, smooth and beautiful solo tones, and still have that brutal, crisp rhythm tone (like Onset by Necro). Some better cleans than the 6505 would be welcomed too. Tried out an ENGL Powerball at the local guitar store, and at least it sounded heaps better at low volume than my 6505 does, but I've heard people say that it doesn't cut through well live.

Amp suggestions for me?
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ENGL Powerball should cut through just fine live....just fine.

I'm not familiar with necrophagist, but if you want to go ENGL you should look into the Fireball, Powerball and Blackmore.

I personally got the blackmore, sounds a bit darker and the cleans sound better to me. The fireball seems to have the most gain, and the powerball is more jack of all trades.
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muhammed's solo tone is pretty unique... if you go for an engl you might get close, but personally i manage to get a creamy, smooth, fat soloing tone by using my neck pickup and pumping up the mids on my amp (which is only a randall rh50t)
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as stated before, ENGL Fireball or Powerball
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Fireball or Powerball, through a Vader cab. If you wanna go about modding and whatnot, and don't want Muhammed's tone exactly, then swap out the 120 watt Legends in the cab (assuming you're getting the 4x12) for the 75 watt ones, which should considerably beef up your tone. Also, use EMGs, 81 bridge 85 neck. A locking trem equipped guitar might also be beneficial.

My reasoning behind this: He uses Vader cabs (stock), and for Onset of Putrefication, he actually used a PB. The Powerball will probably have better cleans than the fireball due to separate EQs, too.

Edit: I'm assuming you're using the Xiphos for Necro? That would be your best bet, and you probably won't even need to change the pickups in it
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Seriously, he used a powerball for Onset? That's awesome! And yeah, as my profile says I have a Xiphos with the d-activators and an RG550 with evos.
Yeah sounds like you and me are looking for more or less the same kind of tone. I'm going for the powerball. It's got the focus and bottom buttons for that kickass tight bassy sound.