Alright here is the story:

I've owned a B-52 AT 112 for about 2 years, using it in the Netherlands with an AC-AC converter. It ran fine, no problems.

I decided it was time to move on, so I bought an ENGL Blackmore and sold the B-52 yesterday.

Now the guy I sold it to emails me that he can't get it to work, not even to get the thing to turn on, and he is blaming it on me and the amp.

I'm thinking he messed up with his converter settings or something, but he is blaming the amp.

Thoughts about the problem? What should I do?
WTLTL 2011
You sold it as is not exactly your problem anymore. As it was run off a converter he could have used the wrong one or bought a cheap one. Either way HE needs to take HIS amp to the shop.
He knows where I live, so lets hope he won't make his problem my problem eh?
WTLTL 2011