Right now I'm stuck with a very crappy First Act guitar, my brother has a Fender strat, but won't let me use it. So I'm saving up for a new guitar. I have a current balance of $0.00 right now, but I get 15 bucks a week for allowance, and I get $300 for Christmas. What guitar should I save up for?
all depends on what type of music you want to play...

though an ibanez is always a good call
id go with any ESP, Jackson or Ibanez guitar, all good an reliable, my first was ibanez RG, its a brilliant guitar around £300 (dont no what it is in US$)

played one of these at a local guitar shop. For the money I think it's one of the best playing guitars out there. It's geared towards metal. But you can easily play anything on this guitar.

I have an EC 1000 that I think is just incredible.
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CORT, there good.
Epiphone SG's but the metal ones with the dirty fingers

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