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What should i be able to do before starting on the more advanced techniques, what level should the basics be at and stuff like that?
It shouldn't be a conscious effort really, it should just be a gradual progression. "Advanced" techniques are there because there's certain limitations that come with more basic techniques...sweepng and tapping are pretty much the only way you can play certain patterns of intervals at high speed, pinch harmonics are only useful if you can seamlessly drop them into your pickin etc.

Basically, when you start to see the limits of a certain technique you should look to something more advanced, but make sure it's the limitations of the technique itself rather than your own limitations.
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If you read the start of the sticky, most "advanced technique" boils down to doing "basics" really well - fretting and defretting really cleanly with tiny, precise movements is always going to improve your playing, as is solid muting technique.