Got this problem here, my low E (6th string) keeps breaking at the saddle, I'm guessing that there's got to be something going on with the saddle then ?

I've got an Epiphone G400 guitar, with a regular stop bar tailpiece.
I use gauge 10 GHS Boomer strings.

Should I take my guitar to the store to get it looked at ?
Get your saddle deburred by a guitar tech. You could do it yourself if you feel brave enough. Just take a file to it until it's smooth.
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Try new strings
Ernie Balls or Rotosounds generally last for a while.

How long had the string been on?
are you sure its the low e? that would be the thickest string...

anyway, its pretty common on epi bridges that the saddles are slightly sharp and thus make string breaking easier...my advice is to get new saddles, or even better to get a new bridge - helps!


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All the above answers sound great! I'd recommend Ernie Ball RPS Regular or RPS Power Slinkys, or even the new coated sets. They both have reinforced ball ends! Let me know if you have any questions about them!