I am purchasing either a Prestige S Series or a Prestige RG Series but I don't know which one to get. I play alot of styles of music and I my selection is limited to only these two Ibanez models. I prefer to not be recommended another company.
I like the Prestige S Series mouch more than the RG series. everything is "smoother" on the S series
we need more details than 'I play a lot of styles of music'.

what's your main genre?

and what's your budget?

and why only ibanez? I'd usually recommend Ibanez but I'm curious as to why you don't want any other suggestions. You seem to have some sort of ibanez/digitech fetish going on.
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and why only ibanez? I'd usually recommend Ibanez but I'm curious as to why you don't want any other suggestions. You seem to have some sort of ibanez/digitech fetish going on.

exactly my thoughts.

I would pick the S-series, as they feel less toy-ish, and i prefer mahogany above basswood. (most S series have mahogany and most RG's basswood, if i remember it well?)
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I play various styles, from jazz/technical fusion to technical and progressive metal. I've been playing only Ibanez for years. I just figured there would be the one asshole who's like "DUHRRR get a les paul" My budget is $2885.85 exactly.
I love people that post every piece of gear they own in their sig.....

I guess they should have added a part of your profile devoted to your gear so you wouldn't have to do that....

oh wait... they did
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S, if you're looking for versatility, which it seems you are, from those styles you put down.

Seems a shame to pass up other manufacturers though; what's the reason for the Ibanez dedication?
I just figured there would be the one asshole who's like "DUHRRR get a les paul"
I'm basically going to go with the S. I like the all around playability, comfort, and feel of it. I think Strats are basically S Series but thicker and bulkier, you couldn't get me to play an LP of you paid me (hate'em) and can't stand jacksons or ESP's I have one ltd but its a piece. and i like locking trems.
I really like the S series for the zr trem and the ergonomic body shape. I bought a used s470 last month and love it. It is like playing a warm strat, without the shrill highs.

The zr is amazing for tuning stability. It also has this nut that allows adjustment of spring tension without tools -- very handy if you like to switch tuning!

The S is more versatile than I thought it would be. In addition to rock crunch & overdriven leads & metal sounds, the single coil & coil splitting humbuckers provide great clean tones, too.

With your budget, you'll wind up with a sweet axe no matter what you pick, but here is a vote for the S from a happy user.
I really liked Ibanez until my mishap with my 8 string prestige. One of the saddles snapped in half. It's been a 7 string for over a month now. Finally getting it sorted out but still, rediculous. Horrible customer service.
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Quote by RG PROG
My budget is $2885.85 exactly.

Talk about accuracy!

Anyways, why not check out some custom shops like Carvin? They make some extremely kick ass guitars for good value and customization.
I wold choose S, its just more versatile and looks better in my opinion. Many people keep RG as heavy-guitar, it just has that kind of an image.. S is also a lot more comfortable to play.
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S series all the way man.

sheer versatility not to mention the best IMO double locking system made
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new amp please. why play a 3000 dollar guitar through a p.o.s. like the toneblaster (no offense)?

sorry a $2885.85 guitar
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S is a great guitar.
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In my opinion, S prestige series (yes, even the Japanese ones) are fairly underwhelming guitars at their price point. I would go for an Edge Pro RG and use the leftover money (which will be quite a bit) to invest heavily where it counts - amplification.
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