I have to prepare a 3-5 min song for an audition. I'm having a hard time decided what to use though.

They say it should be something that I like playing, which would be: blue, southern rock, and pop music. So what songs out there have good guitar parts?

The other question I have is that I'm allowed to play with a back track, but it can't have the lead guitar part in it. I can't find anything like that, I'm able to find backtracks that don't have the singing, but they still have the lead guitar parts. Where can I find these tracks?
You could use a really good guitar pro track, and mute the lead. Some of them sound close to the real thing.
Also, do you like the Rolling Stones? Awesome guitar parts. Also, Stevie Ray Vaughan stuff, i.e. Texas Flood, his version of Little Wing, Pride and Joy, something like that.
record the backing track first?
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Whiskey in the Jar - Thin Lizzy/Metallica

EDIT: or what I really meant to put:

Parisienne Walkways - Phil Lynott + Gary Moore

Awesome bluesy sounding song with awesome guitar parts.
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+ 1 to Whiskey, its a classic and not overly complex playing wise
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