Ultimate Settings thread.

But try the Boutique Overdrive with the mids dimed.
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From the Ultimate Settings thread:

Bass 7
Treble 7
Mids 8-10
Gain 5-7 depends on song
Coutour at 3-4 not so high to suck the mids but not os low to sound crappy
maybe a splash of reverb
Neck pickup

A splash of reverb?

A sea of reverb!

I hate his tone...makes me sick that he used Greeny's LP as well...
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Anybody know a good setting to get a Gary Moore style sound from a Vox AD30VT amp?

Saw a recent pic of Gary's pedal board somewhere.....he was using an EBS Multi Drive as his main overdrive pedal.....GREAT tone!!!
boutique overdrive,, bit of reverb!

"Me AnD yOuR cOlD dRiViNg In ThE sNoW, LeT tHe GoOd TiMeS rOLL"