i've had a problem with a prs copy double hum setup it had a great hot sound but i noticed it had 250k pots in it so i thought i would improve the sound putting in 500k pots but since doing so its just not the same it seems to have lost that realy hot distorted tone i've went over everything a few times i have wired a good many guitars and it seems all wired correctly. is it just the difference in pots i've always thought 500k hum 250k single anybody have any ideas???
250K pots can be used with humbuckers. Some people use them with Seymour Duncan JB humbuckers. Most humbuckers sound better with 500k pots but if that guitar sounds better with the 250k pots go ahead and use them. It doesn't realy matter as long as you like how it sounds.
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yea, it's a matter of preference. did you change the capacitor when you swapped the pot? there are a lot of things that make up the tonal output of a guitar. the pots, capacitor, length of wires, pickup design, etc. Then there's the ever popular debate of tonewoods and body/neck thicknesses
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