Three months ago I switched from guitar to bass. I sold most of my guitar gear to get a bass and an amp. I got a great deal from my friend at the local music store near where I live (I got the Hartke 3500a with a 1X15 and 4X10 XL Cabs).

I was recently reading about the Sansamp Bass Driver DI and I wanted to know do you mostly use it just for gigs? Does anyone on here use it for practice or jams? Can you use it without a PA system, can I just plug it into my amp head and practice and jam with that, also would the driver make a difference in my tone?
Of course it would make a difference in your tone, is a overdrive pedal. You can either run it as a D.I. into a PA system if you want to, or you can just stick it in your signal chain. Are you really interested in getting an overdrive? What sort of tone are you looking to get from it?
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I really have no interest using any overdrive in my tone. I thought the DI was something good to have for a gig or whatever. The tone I'm looking for is something along the lines of Thomas Miller in Symphony X.