i wanna go to metallica but every show in the uk is sold out, is ebay a safe bet to buy a ticket...are the tickets real or am i more likely to get ripped off using it....

are there any other sites that you would recomend to get tickets to this sold out show...thanks in advance guys
Depends, I bought Kings of Leon tickets the other day and I'm fairly confident as the person has 100% feedback with other 600 transactions. And they're all for gig tickets.

Just check everything and use some common sense and you'll be fine.
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It's usually fine. There are actually ticket companies that operate on eBay.
hmmm i dunno they seem genuine but like its a lot of money that i might never see again you know.....
isnt there a site that sells tix that have been taken back
they release the tix like a couple of weeks after the tix have sold out
i dunno the name though
good luck wiv gettin tix
which one u wanting to go to?
I'm in the same boat. I was sitting at work, on the phone and refreshing the ticket purchasing pages of two websites repeatedly for half an hour and still didn't get a ticket. By the time I got through, they were sold out.

Because of this, I've been hunting around for tickets elsewhere. And f you don't mind paying through the teeth for them, then you're pretty safe. Just look at user ratings, and use common sense as others have suggested.
i was hoping for glasgow....i might jst wait till nearer the time till like the tickets have been released and then maybe do a meet with the person for the tickets to make sure there genuine...i jst really want to go and it pisses me off that ppl jst buy tickets to sell them at over inflated prices :@ :@ :@ :@
its those A-holes in the fan club that bought like, 12 tickets and are selling them on ebay for 80 pound! not cool man!! its their fault that i cant go to glasgow!

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i know there pissing me right off i thought ebay put a stop to ppl making money off of tickets...i thought it was for face value only........
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yeh im not planning to i dnt buy anything from ebay if its out of the country ill only buy with in the uk
Ebay have flat out refused to do anything about ticket sales. I know the industry are very keen to get something done about it but ebay couldn't give a rats arse about what the promoters think and sales continue as what they are doing is in no way illegal, its against the terms and conditions on the tickets but its not touting so not illegal.

Expect to see lots more tickets with photos and addresses printed on them like Glasto tickets in the very near future.
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They sometimes release more tickets officially (or they become available) closer to the gig. If not there will still be some on eBay.

EDIT: In case you didnt know, the sellers dont actually have the tickets yet. The promoters are only releasing them about a month before the gig.

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If not ebay, try seatwave.com...theyre apparently good
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I bought 2 maiden tickets off a guy, met him outside Earls Court and it was fine. If you can't meet in person get some half-decent contact with the seller beforehand.

Quote by ultimatedaver
I bought two floor tickets for Iron Maiden off eBay. Everything worked perfectly.

That was coincidental
9/10 they're legit. I actually sold two pairs of Metallica tickets on ebay already-and they're expensive. Average for them were like $270ish, and that's not GA floor seats. Expect to shovel out some dough. But like someone else said, check out the ratings they have, if they're 100% with no negatives, I wouldn't be concerned (also make sure they have a decent amount of reviews at least 50ish).
a whole bunch of my mates bought Reading tickets off eBay and they never came
I shop on eBay loads, most of my guitar + studio equipment is from eBay but I don't think I'd ever buy gig tickets there..
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Hmm I don't know, I trust ebay for most stuff but don't sometimes the tickets not get released until really close to the actual date to stop people selling them on. I'd just worry about not getting them in time or something. I was gonna buy some from seatwave a while ago but I didn't wanna risk them not getting here.