I've got a strat with Kluson tuners and everytime i replace the high e string the tuner never holds the string in place. When i poke the string down the tuner hole and start winding it just springs back out again.

Am i doing something wrong? or is it just the fact that these tuners completely suck?

Thanks for the reply, i checked out the video but unfortunately they are a different type of tuner. That's the kind of tuner i wish i had but unfortunately on mine, instead of the hole being in the side of the tuner it's on the top and it's just a pain.

Thanks anyway
hey thanks for the reply..

i managed to do it in the end after much frustration. I guess i just need practise.

Thanks again
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I usually wrap the string around the post before tuning it up so it gets a little grip. That should do the trick.


This video shows you. I know you have a Strat and that they dont have stop bar tail pieces but its not about the bridge here.


holy crap! i missed out on this when i was beginning guitar! damn im a failure.... i probably would have had a lot less hell if i would have known this! you see kids, this is why you should pay attention to the little details!