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Well, it's getting time to retube my Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier. It has the factory tubes, 6l6's, that I'm using. I am wondering which tubes to throw in there. I mean, I like the sound that it has now, but I want to see if there is a better sound out there than the factory mesa tubes (I'm sure there is) I play like a melodic death metal/ black metal combo. Right now it has a real thick, fat kind of heavy trudging distortion, but not a hell of a lot of gain. I love the low end on it, but I would like a little more gain. A more grinding evil kind of distortion (It's real close right now). I don't really have a price limit, so I'm looking for the cream of the crop. Any suggestions on the most demonic tubes out there?
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If you want to retube with 6L6's then go with JJ power tubes.

Although, a pre-amp retube will affect your tone more. Email Doug at dougstubes and he will give you some suggestions. I have also heard that EL34's SING in the rectifiers.
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Eurotubes.com is where I go. I had a dual-rec a while back that they sent me some tubes for. That mother ****er would growl like a junkyard dog. E-Mail them and tell them what you're looking for and they will help you a lot. Really helpful and have awesome service.
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