hey guys
im planning to buy an electric guitar after 2 years with acoustic
should be for 300$ or less
should be good for all genre,...metal rock pop blues,...an all rounder basically
let me know if its good for practicing and playing in front of small group,...20 people or so,..or even big group ,..lol
guitar can be any brand,...
i heard starter pack are not so good and with the same price when we buy guitar and others separately,..its of better value
if not so i like the starter pack by ibanez
or jus separately stuffs if these r not good

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Save up more money before you purchase anything. You will thank yourself later.

It was the only task I would undertake...

...to reap the harvest that was mine

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invest more money in the amp and you wont regret it later.
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Thank you Jesusaurus.
Ok, here goes

If you're planning on learning how to play an electric, I would NOT recommend your first electric to have a tremelo. Secondly, if you're heart is stuck on having a tremelo. DO NOT BUY A CHEAP ONE. Out of all the guitar components this is the one that you'll have the most difficulties with. There is a BIG difference when you buy a cheap trem. I cannot overstate this point.
Lastly, I have to agree with everyone else here. Save up a bit more money. I know how difficult that is when you want something as soon as possible. But please trust me. I have an Ibanez as my primary instrument. I love it, but I hate their cheap models.
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