I'm needing a cabinet for the lows to complete my rig. I play power metal blend of maiden, killswitch and sonata arctica. I found a peavy 18" sub online for 250 new, but i'm worried that running it in full range is going to muddy up my sound. Should I just go for a fifteen? Im on a budget so cheap is good. I'm also looking at the Avatar 212, but wondering if its going to be more mid rangey than rumbling.
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if you need a s*** load of low end, the 18" might be the way to go. but if it's your only amp, it will be too muddy. If you bi-amp, you can get enough definition. If you can't afford that don't get it. You were right about the 212. It will get you a good amount of low end, much more than, say, a 210, but it will be very low mid heavy. Still, you can get "gut rumbling lows" on it if you boost the low end.
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ya i'd probablly go with the 2x12 too. I used to have a 1x15 combo and while the lows were great the high end suffered. I have a 1x12 combo for practice and it does ok on lows and good everywhere else. the extra 12 should give that extra oomph for your lows. Best option for low-budget IMO
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the 212 would do just fine...really all you need to have the rumbly lows is a venue with a good PA system.
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get 4 15's and an EQ.. if hooky (new order/joy division) can get his tones with that, then you sure as hell can..try:P
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Sorry guys, I forgot to add that im playing a VB-2 through an ampeg 410 HE. It looks like the 2x12 is a good idea, but im still wondering if its going to put out that "kick".
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If you've already got the 4x10, then get the 18, as your high end is still going to be there from the 410, as long as you hook both cabs up.

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Personally I'm a 210 & 115 man, but I would say that maybe a 212 would do you, but I don't think you'd get as much low as having a bigger speaker. You have a 410 now right? I would see if you could find one of the 3 speaker cabs with like a 15/18 and two 12's I expect it would be hard to find though. Or you could do with the 410 + a 118 or 212. Not really sure. How low are you planning to go? Like if you were playing a 5 string and wanted to make the most of the low B I'd probably reccomend a 118, but if your on a 4 string I think the 212 would be sufficient. I'm pretty sucky on amp configs but I hope I've helped!

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Man that triad looks killer, but I dont have the cash. I'm upgrading to a 6 string soon and I've heard that the Avatar handles the low B with ease, and its quite affordable. Not to mention its pretty light with the neos. My ampeg weighs like 92 lbs i think, and the head weighs 54 ish. Every little bit helps.
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Mixing different speaker sizes is a bad idea IMO. I'd stick with the same speaker size for each cabinet.
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"that kick" is produced when the bass locks in with a mic'd kick drum.
no speaker config can produce it, with-out the kick drum. IMO

I've discovered you can make a similar sound to it by thumping with a forefinger between the pickups and leaving the finger down to mute the string. instead of letting the note ring out, as you would with a normal thumb thump. the dissonant dead notes combine, making a kickish tone. especially on a B-string.
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Comb filtering is what you get with horizontally arranged speakers like in most multi speaker cabs. It means you get exaggerated peaks and troughs in the volume depending on where you stand in relation to your cabs and is probably the main cause for disputes about volume - you are standing in a trough and turn up, deafening the rest of the band who are standing in peaks.

The reason for not mixing different cabs is that the results can be unpredictable. The two cabs will have different frequency response curves and possibly phase differences, so they may well sound sh*t, and as all you will probably hear on stage is the top cab nearest your ears you wont even know it.

Bass players are the only users of amplification that will use different sized speakers for the same frequencies.

Basically - Mixing driver sizes is much like mixing tyre sizes. In some rare instances the vehicle has been specifically designed for it, and the tyres specifically matched to the vehicle, and it works well. But otherwise you may end up driving around in circles.

You can't comment on gear until you have tried it!
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exactly, I was asking on Talkbass and the guys where saying the same thing. Im going to go for a another SVT 410HE, it'll be modular, but if im using the whole stack its going to weigh about 250 pounds. Fun for me.
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