hi people, i got a weird shitty guitar, that sound is bad, and i don't know if the pickups are active or passive, so how can i know?
btw at the back there are 2 peices that can be screwed out, one under the pickups and one under the volume and tone knobs thx
if there is a battery in the guitar, they are active, if not, they are passive
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Do they have a nine-volt battery slot wired to the pickups? If so then their active. If not I assume you can guess.

If it's active try replacing the battery. If not, I'm not sure, I'd take it to a dealer to take a look.

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Usually active pickups are powered by a 9volt battery. They get more electricity. So, look for a spot where you could replace the batteries. If you don't find 1, you're pickups are passive.

Also, try replacin your strings if it sounds so terrible. Does wonders for sound. Nice, new tone is a beautiful thing, man.
i changed the strings, nt much difference , so wt slot do open the one under the pickups or under the volume knob? tx
usually the slot for the nine volt battery in on the back of the guitar and pretty hard to miss
If its a "weird, shitty" guitar, then I presume the pickups are passive.

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the battery should be under the volume and tone controls. Also if there are individual pole pieces on top of the pickup, then I'd be about 90% sure they are passive.
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