wHich MuLtIfX????


Budget: 350 euros

Style: From Funky to Death Metal!!!

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out of those three, the pod. but individual pedals are a billion times better.

I will have to disagree if he uses a normal ss amp cos i use a gt8 and its plugged to my pc speaker and it gives a good tone. but yea if you have a tube amp i guess the pedals will be billion times better but also billion times expensive...
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out of those three, the pod. but individual pedals are a billion times better.


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I hate when i ask about something and others tell me about other effects unit or stomp boxes....
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ok then get one of those multi effect pedals but don't blame us when you want to replace it.
sorry for offering you useful advice

i dont mean that, i ask what of those and 1 says gt8 and then the oothers start to talk about gt8..so???where is my answer???
I talked about gt8 but i cant see anyone talking about gt8 other than me. Also i dont think talking about gt8 would ruin your topic or something cos its also a multifx just like the other 3 so you can get a general idea on multifx s. I would also recommend it over these.
So heres your answer get a gt 10... happy?
I'm really sorry to have to tell you this, but there's a good reason you don't see professionals using multifx floor units. Single pedals will almost always give you a better sound, and greater versatility custom tailored to your tastes. And they really aren't that expensive, when you consider that you really don't need one of every effects types available. I can't think of a single time I used more than two pedals in a song, and I generally have about 4-5 pedals on my board that I use often. You're really looking at spending either $500 on some big Boss multifx unit that you WILL eventually outgrow if you care about your tone, or spending $400-800 on a decent pedal assortment that you can always rearrange, add to or swap out at your leisure.
I've played on the X3 (not the live version, tho), and didn't much like the sounds. At that time I was looking at MFX's, and already had Line 6 amp - I thought I'd be able to integrate the fbv pedal with amp and/or pod.

I ultimately went with the 500, 'cause I loved the sounds I got out of my RP50, but thought it was a fragile POS, and not very versatile.

My goal was to play live, and it satisfied that need, and satisfied all my tonal desires.

I'm sure it will not satisfy the tone purists who insist on Marshall vintage only while playing the rarest of Gibsons carved from the erection of Satan himself. But my rock star days (much like my modeling career with runway shows in Milan!) have passed me by, and it's been many years since I played at Castle Donnington.