Hey UG.
Ive decided that its time i buy a new guitar but am stuck on what to buy.
This will be my 4th electric guitar. I allready have an Ibanez RG, Ibanez SA and Vintage Metal aXXe (it was an impulse buy).
Im stuck on which way to go from here:

Im torn between an Ibanez ART500-

and a Jackson RR series-

My question is, are the Jackson guitars worth the extra money, or are there any other guitars i should consider?

I would go with the RR5 out of those three
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depends on if you want a trem or not in my opinion i like the rr's but which one comes down to if you need the extra frets
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my two ibanez' both have floyd rose and 2 of my guitars have 24 frets. There not necessary but its still fun to have them (not £200 necessary). i just really like white flying v's