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Hey UG, I just finished relicing a tele that I got from ebay, just wanted to know if there's anything else I should do (cept put strings on I KNOW THEY'RE NOT THERE! I DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO GO OUT AND BUY SOME YET! and yes, the jack is on order...)

When I got it, the guy who'd had it before had obviously tried to do a paint job himself coz it was done in this NASTY browny/grey paint with brush was a disaster... they'd even painted the scratch plate, bridge and control panel in matt black paint with a brush! I decided obviously to completely refinish it, I started taking the top layer off and saw they'd also tried doing it in silver too, then I got down to the blue and was just AMAZED at why they'd painted over it! Then I saw the dings and where they'd tried to sand it down to paint it originally, so decided just to take the top layers and leave the blue and just relic it and see how it came out! Tell me what you think and offer me some tips on what else i could do with it?




Looked better before. It looks like a pile of shit now.
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Oh dear God.
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What have you done?
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no offense but that looks absolutely terrible now whereas it wasn't that bad before.
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I dunno if I'm the only one, but I actually like it.
I think it looks really cool...
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Do you know what "Relic" means, in all seriousness?

In guitars, relicing, means to make it look old and used.

So, yellowing lacquer, darkened neck and finger board, worn knobs, bit of buckle rash, worn pick guard.

But worn in the right places.

Relicing does not mean "make look like retard made it". That would be "retarding"

So, I guess, that would make your guitar "retarded".
^^ I'd say you are the only one - I'm not a relic fan at the best of times (unless it's a real, well used guitar) but that aside, that doesn't even look like a guitar any more! It looks like a 5 year old drew a guitar with a crayon
i think it looks cool but i'd try and get more of the black off the pickguard
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ehhh... as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder... too bad my eyes are bleeding... j/k if you like it then thats all that matters
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if it was natural that'd be awesome. but intentional ****ing up of a guitar is just dumb. and not nearly as cool
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hmm not a huge fan of that relic tbh

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looked like s*** before, looks worse now, and some helpful info on other mods: PICKUPS
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you should just sand off all the black on the pick guard. Then dip the pick guard in coffee and let it turn a yellowish color, that will at least almost make it look good.
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Guys i think ur forgetting its a SQUIER he probably just doesn't want it anymore
Well, it's not reliced, it's mutilated. But you know, that's cool. It's like a battle scar. And chicks DIG scars.
Why not just sand all the way down to the wood, clean up the prior owners mess, by new hardware and electronics and have a half-decent guitar? Sorry man, but it really doesn't look good like that.
Why has no-one read properly about the input jack or the paint work... He bought it after someone had messed it up on the cheap. The input jack has been ordered, the paint job had been messed up, he stripped all the crap off it, and got down to the original blue paint.

Personally, i don't like relic'd guitars, because most of the ones you see haven't been played long enough to look natural at all. So their players just look idiotic. Also, the burn marks on the pick guard look daft. I'd try just rather than relicing it sorting out the paint yourself, buying a new pick guard(or salvaging that one) and sorting it out properly rather than murdering it and wasting your money
I think if you cleaned up the hardware a bit more it would look alright. I'm undecided about the pickguard. If you get a new one I'd just get a black one. I say leave the paint, maybe go at it with some steel wool to make it matte looking and take the focus off some of the scratches.



Read this whole thread. It's like the Titanic going down.

What the narcoleptic sonofobitching **** did you do?
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well, I think the pickguard came out alright, but it doesn't look like shit, as in it looks like you half-painted it black.

Maybe do the same thing on the body and it will come together well. other than that I really don't know why these guys are having a shit fit over what you wanted to do with your guitar.

At first I thought the first two pictures were the after, and the others were after.

MY god man what have you done?

That's not relic that's beating the shit out of a guitar. For no reason. Next thing you know he's gonna get a les paul and beat the snot out of it.
I actually like it. I would by a "relic'd" old school '52 bridge and tuners. I've seen them on ebay. Also get that "squire" off there and put a "Fender" nocaster on it. I'd do something else with the control panel. Maybe scratch it up enough so it might rust. Leave the panel outside or something like that. Then I'd rock it in a punk band.

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looked better before lol
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i actually love it in all honesty.

idk what it is but i love beaten up guitars, they just sound better.

What the hell are you talking about?? How can a beat up guitar sound better?
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take more black off the scratchplate, a lot more
take all the black of all the metal painted black

relicing looks a lot better when it is subtle, and natural looking

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you went outside and said "Shibby! New guitar!"

and then posted it on here.

No, in all honesty, I like relics, but this kind of went a bit overboard. It may grow on me though.


EDIT: Proper relicing:
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The first pics show a nice looking guitar.

That blue thing is a monstrousity. The pickguard looks like, well, I don't know what.

I'm sorry but it really is awful
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