So, I'm in college for classical and jazz guitar, and the only guitar I have here to practice on is my classical. But I also want to keep my metal chops up. My question is will practicing on my classical actually make me better when I go to play the same thing on an electric since I'd be practicing on a thicker neck?
Doubt it. I have no idea for sure, but I would assume that youd get used to the thinner neck and have trouble adjusting back to the electric. But I dont actually know, Im just assuming.
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id say it will help, its harder to play on an acoustic/classical guitar as you have to push down on the frets harder. As for the thinner neck, im not too sure, but your finger strength will be improved
Just play whatever you would normally play. When I had my classical I would play Metallica, & Tool on it just the same as I would my les paul lol.
If i play an acoustic with a horrible action and go back to my electric it feels like butter its soooo nice to play. So yes if anything it'll improve your playing
Well, Idk bout the neck thing. But I guarantee that your chops will be cleaner and smoother. If you can play somethin fast and make it sound clean on a acoustic or classical, it'll sound really good on an electric. In fact, I practice a lot with my electric unplugged jus so I can do that very thing.
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If i play an acoustic with a horrible action and go back to my electric it feels like butter its soooo nice to play. So yes if anything it'll improve your playing

Then fix your action.
well i played classical for 6 years before swithcing to electic metal thing .. thing is that there is a big difference betwen the guitars, both neck lengt and neck thinkness and neck shape and also the bigger space between the strings on a classical.
i am practising both, though i play most on my electric.. and i have felt an increase in my playing abilitys on electric by practicing classical..
classical is really really different from electric
classic is not supposed to be harder to play (as in harder to push the strings)
classical guitars are really hard to bend on at least in my excperience becuase the strings roll under you finger instead of grip them and bend
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Yes and no.

At first when you pickup an electric when u've played acoustic for a while feels easier.

However this is a deception. You wil fret easier and will lose tone in playing it (playing tone not amp/guitar tone).

You will play easier on electric; but you may loose ur touch.

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You'll have a short adjustment period when you switch back to electric. You know, for a day or two you'll be in a funk and play like shit, then once you get used to it again any chops you've improved on the classical will transfer over.
The instruments are very different and I doubt you'll keep your metal chops up if you don't have another guitar around.

What keeps you from taking an electric to college additionally anyway?