Ok, so my lead guitarist recently left my band to move to Ireland and we've made the decision to carry on as a power trio rather than getting another guitarist to fill the space. The upshot of this is that I get a pretty enviable amount of sonic space to play around with between my friends crazy drumming and guitar work, but I have a problem.
The reduction in the size of my band means i need to be alot more versatile, often within the same song, switching from carrying the melody to falling in behind a wall of guitar noise pretty quickly and in some cases, singing. This makes for some enjoyable playing which I can handle physically, but problems start to occur when my bass becomes too punchy in a quiet verse and too feeble to carry a real solo. I try to compensate for this in my technique, but really, it just isn't enough.

So, on to my question, I'm wondering what pedals might be useful as a way of allowing me to rapidly change my sound. I would obviously like an EQ pedal first and foremost, but i know next to nothing about what sort I want, or what brands are good (my amp has a 15 inch speaker anyway, so adding extra bass is NOT the issue).

i'm also interested in adding some mild distortion that will keep my low end, but at the same time give me more "punch", but this is more of an afterthought.

My budget should be at most around £150 ($300ish), so keep that in mind before you suggest anything too pricey. Thanks in advance.
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Well mate, i would suggest you look at the Sansamp programmable bass driver. It provides Drive, Bass, Treble, Presence, Blend and Level. It is analogue, so you get a lovely sound from it. You can program in three different settings. For example, i have a slap sound, a slightly overdriven sound and a "normal", full bass sound. One flick of the buttons on the pedal and you've changed. I think it costs around 180, though. but trust me man, its a serious piece of kit and well worth it.

Also, on a side note.. make sure you experiemetn with NOT filling the sound too. Space can be just as musical.


edit: here is a link.. http://www.tech21nyc.com/bassdriver_p.html
To counter Applehead's demonic teachins of the Sansamp, I will throw in a word for the Fulltone Bass Driver.

I set mine up so that it functions as if I have 3 amp channels. My clean signal with it off, a dirty channel with it on and the previous with a clean boost before hand (even more dirty).

Besides, it has thefitz seal of approval (insert .jpg here). However, if you like the sound of the Sansamp, and are likely to be gigging, it may be worth considering it for it DI capabilities.
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To counter gm_jacks counter of Appleheads suggestion, going with the Sansamp would be a wise choice. Not only is it a phenomanal device but the added DI capability is a huge bonus. The thing also just sounds great no matter how you have the thing set. I own the Sansamp Bass Driver which is the same thing basically but I only have the ability to choose one sound. To be able to choose between three different sounds would be a great advantage.
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My Fulltone and Micro POG are the most essential and significant part of my effects chain. However, they are $500 basically, and they aren't DI's. A SansAmp is a good start, it really is, but I don't think you can get too nuts in that budget, past a multi-fx pedal (which I am surprisingly supportive of as a stepping stone to great tone).

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