Usually my recordings are 'okay' quality but there this part in a newer song of mine thats really hard to get to sound clear, basiicaly one guitar is playing a riff and the other guitar is playing the riff but reversed so it is very muddy whenever i record. any tips on how to distinguish one another in the recordings?
my setup is a laney 150 watt amp run through to a behring ubb1002 then to through an interface through to the computer. It's definitely not the gear i'm just not the best recorded . any tips?
Try recording with the two guitars with different EQ. Like one with plenty of lows and one with plenty of highs. The more definition in each guitar, the clearer it should sound. Works for me anyway
Yeah try changing the EQ of the guitars (one w/ lows, one w/ the trebles).
Also try panning the tracks.
Make sure you don't have a ton of low end on the guitars. That's a common mistake. Let the bass handle the bottom end, and roll off the bottom of the guitars. The guitars will sound thin on their own, but will get the heft back once you add the bass.

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yes less bottom end on the recording than you think is probably good advice. also put a small cut in around 250Hz. its pretty much known as the mud frequency, a little out of there and it shood help clear things up. I would pan the guitars left and right and try to keep the eq fairly symmetrical, dont do one high and one low, leave the bass for that
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