Or at least that's what I've been hearing from people over the course of the last week since I decided to take up playing bass guitar. I realize the bass doesn't get a lot of spotlight, and usually holds up the rhythm section, but is it not important?

Mostly this is a bunch of guitar players ridiculing my choice for not picking a "real" instrument like guitar or drums. It doesn't hurt my feelings, I have a thick skin, but did I do something wrong? Should I have picked up another instrument before I decided to pick up bass, or is it ok to learn it? Apparently "anyone can play bass."
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And... what's the point of this thread?
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tell all those people, to go back to sucking at whatever they play. or sucking dicks, which it sounds like most of em do
rock the bass man. A good bass player can be tough to find
Anyone can play bass. Few can play it well. That's the beauty of it. You made the right choice playing bass.
That's complete BS, your idiot friends probably couldn't do it, you made a good choice to start with bass because it's a great and very humbling instrument. You can do amazing things with just 4 strings and it's a great starting point for a lot of instruments.
People who say that anyone can play bass, don't understand the instrument. It is true that anyone can pick up a bass and play root notes; the same way that anyone can pick up a guitar and play power chords.
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It's an over-generalization. People say this because LOTS of rock and pop-rock and alt-rock tunes can be played on just the lowest string, and you can hold down a simple rhythm by just mirroring the root note in whatever chords your rhythm guitarist is playing, and it will sound "good" - so, what they're really saying is "if you already know how to play the basics of rhythm guitar (i.e. simple repeating chord riffs, lots of power chords, etc), then you could pick up a bass and look like you know what you're doing right away". That said, if everyone could play like Flea, they would, so you know there's quite a bit that guitar players don't understand about bass.
apparently, not anyone can play bass...
bass is and always will be a real intrument, i dont understand why guitarsits always say that(some).maybe basist will start is vice verse and well get nowhere.
you need a strong hand for a bass, strong fingers and the rhythm inside.you need to feel the music, as some guitarist do, but not all. it all the nature's law, you scratch my back and ill scratch yours.
fewer string doesn't mean less opportunities, remember this
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Anyone can play bass. Few can play it well. That's the beauty of it. You made the right choice playing bass.

completely true! on a few of my bands acoustic songs my bass player plays acoustic and i play bass because i'm horrible at acoustic. but when i fill in on bass the songs just don't have the same feeling as when he is playing
anyone can pretty much learn adiquit small gig level bass in not that long but it is once you get into things like wooten where minds start to explode. bass tends to have more techniques imho and they require more time to master. Becoming a bass virtuoso is at least twice as hard as it is becoming a guitar one also alot of people confuse bass with guitar guitar hero just makes bass seem easy because they dont put time into it and so people generalize
well atleast thats my opinion
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Anyone can play bass. Few can play it well. That's the beauty of it. You made the right choice playing bass.

Tell them they suck. I have been thinking about getting a bass after I get a new guitar. Bass is just as important as any other instrument.
Obviously Fassa.
Anyone can play bass?

Tell them to listen to Victor Wooten's "A Show of Hands."

Then hand them your bass and tell them to play it.
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Its rubbish man, bass holds everything up. I was playing with some freinds at school one time with a bassist nd it all sounded great. Next time we played the same stuff without a bassist, it sounded no where near as good and sometimes would just fall a part. Lol yeah basically what everyone has already said but it is really hard to find a good bassist, you made a good decision learning bass.