Anybody seen this movie? How was it? The preview on "Friday Night Lights" makes it sound pretty good, but I want an honest opinion, not the Movie companies promo. Tyvm, pit!

*checks calender*

What year are we in?

edit; btw the movie was great.
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It's very good. It's moving, the acting is great and it has goodmusic in it.
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well jamie fox got an academy award for that movie so you know his acting is solid and other than that its def worth looking into
Ray was a poon magnet.

How the hell have you not seen this movie? Didn't it come out over 9000 years ago?
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It's an absolutely amazing film- the acting, the music, the story, the filming. Watch it now.
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it's awesome, but it's already like 3 years old :P
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it was a good movie, but i didn't really like it. it was too long and after a while it just got kind of stale. I think it was well made and that Jamie fox did a good job, but as a whole I didn't really like the film.
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Heard it was awesome, after seeing the pits review I'm off to amazon to puchase. Sha-bang!
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