hey guys i was wondring whats the difference between

dean 100% made in usa
dean that was made in a factory in other country

dean us are great guitar its there top of the line and custom shop deans other guitars are generaly pos made in china even the $1000 ones
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china deans look like crap play like crap and fall apart...like crap
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china deans look like crap play like crap and fall apart...like crap

You're dumb
Deans aren't even made in China to begin with

Since Dean's start in 1976, every Dean guitar made in the USA has a stamp on the back of the headstock that reads "MADE IN U.S.A." and under it is the serial number. The ones made in KOREA have a computer printed serial number and info on the back of the headstock.

The Korean are made in a factory named Sing-Jin Industries. They make all of Jackson's necks (even the USA Models unless it's a custom), B.C. Rich's necks and some of their bodies, and some of Fender's necks. It's a great factory that produces great stuff. Everything is roughed out and sanded by machine, but the finishing touches are done by hand.

The current USA models are handbuilt in Tampa, Florida. The bodies are sonically matched with the necks and are completely built by hand (except the rough cutting of the bodies). Vintage Dean guitars were built in either Chicago or Wisconsin and are the best Deans ever made. You can easily distinguish a Vintage one by the side dots on the fretboard; 90% of them had red dots.
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everything that the resta them sed, but to be hoenst the ones made in other countries are brilliant as well and you get what you paid for

for example if you buy a one grand razor back rather than the 3 grand USA made one you still havve a great guitar that will last for life or even outlive you!

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You're dumb
Deans aren't even made in China to begin with

Sorry bud, but I own 2 Deans that are in fact made in china. 1 is a limited run acoustic which is really nice and the other is a MLXP that i bought for my G/F. For the money it was about what I expected. Not a bad guitar either.

To the TS I've played several USA Deans and also own 2 korean models. The USA's are of outstanding quality and you pay for that quality. The 2 koreans i own are also pretty good. Kinda like the difference between an MIM strat and MIA strat. I did put USA pickups in my 79 series ML (korean 2005)and the results were much better then stock tonewise. My other is an Icon double humbucker with piezo bridge pickup (korean 1997) also good quality and a tone that will keep me from ever selling it. you really need to go out and try a few. I was very disappointed in the cadillac reissue. As soon as it came out I went with money in hand. that was not a good guitar in my opinion. Try before you buy.
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Deans are made in both China and Korea. There is a different in quality between the two, but certain people prefer one from another. USA Deans are good guitars, but IMO they can be overpriced at times. The last USA Dean I played was a USA Razorback V and it was 'okay'. I'm sure there are other Razorback V's that play great, but it really seams to be a hit or miss, just like alot of other guitar companys.