Hi, I currently have the following AMP:

Brand X X-25R, 75W.

here's the UG review so that you have a better idea:


what do you think of this amp? I find it good but I am planning on buying a better AMP, my budget is anywhere between 250 and 500 dollars, is there anything anyone here could recommend me? If possible a half-stack (or even a full lol)
First off you don't need a stack of any kind.

We got your budget, but what type of music do you play? Do you gig, play with a band or is it just for bedroom playing?

Oh and where do you live? (i.e. close major cities)
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I live in a big city (2 million people), we have big shops and there are shops where you can order, I play Rock, hard rock, metal, acoustic, blues so basically everything, I lay lead guitar in a band and we aren't gigging yet but we hope to some day.
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Not sure what the market is like in Hungary. A PV Valveking may not even make it under budget there. It's a decent "all rounder" IMO. Classic 30 would also do well but would need help for the br00tl4z.
in Hungary you can get just about anything when it comes to guitar, we have a huge guitar community here, I just need some suggestions on which amps would be good for me because I think that my brand x beginners amp is not good enough for me anymore.
^ Depends what you want it for. What do you intend to play?

EDIT: Sorry, missed your earlier post :

The Valveking is certainly an option. Check out the VK thread for more info here
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is the Peavey Valveking 112 any good?

I thought it was, like said, there exists a love/hate thing with the amp here on UG. The VK is a jack of all trades, master of none. Good at most things, great at faking it, but it's worth plugging into to see what you think. The Winsdor studio as well if they have them in stock.