I made this thread to enquire about this telecaster.


I am rather into slipknot, and this is a tele with humbuckers, like the one jim has, and I was just wandering, could it play metal and slipknot ish stuff decent?

It'll be my first guitar if I purchase.

EDIT: I don't know what p90s are but would this one play better metal as well?

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depends, what amp do you have?

It will be a vox ad15vt, and check my post again, iv edited it.
P-90s are like the exact antithesis of a metal pickup. They're bright, thin and nasally. Between those, get the first one.
If you're geared more towards metal, go for the first one, with the humbuckers. I'm sure you'll always be able to swap out pickups later if you want a cleaner sound.
The first one is better for metal, P-90's are probably
the worst thing possible for metal,
Stick with humbuckers
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It doesn't really matter - it's your first guitar, you have to learn to simply play the guitar a fair bit before worrying about playing metal. Just get something you like the look of and don't spend too much. And get a decent amp like a Cube or Vypyr...

...or the Vox that you already mentioned
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