Poll: How big is your Penis (when erect)
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3 Inches
1 11%
3.5 Inches
0 0%
4 Inches
0 0%
4.5 Inches
0 0%
5 Inches
1 11%
5.5 Inches
0 0%
6 Inches (average mans)
0 0%
6.5 Inches
2 22%
7 Inches
1 11%
7.5 or above
4 44%
Voters: 9.
Welcome to the official penis size thread!

**Rules of posting**

X - DO NOT post images of your penis

X - Do not crit other peoples penis size

X - try to be honest

X - Dont try to compete with one another, it will only cause arguments

**The, "Rate my penis size" Rules**

X - To take part in the scheme, Say at the beginning of your post, "I would like to take part in the rate my penis scheme".

X - You must include how old you are, and the size of your penis. NO PICTURES

X - If you wish not to take part, state so in your post. If you dont say your penis may be rated so be careful.

Have Fun!

**Including Poll**
Thread closing in 3...2...1...
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In before everyone posting above 7 inches.
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