Hi there. Random question, really; how long do you think, on average, it would take for someone to become a capable metal guitarist? I'm not talking, you know, dudes-from-Nile good, but just someone who can play the songs without trouble. How easy is metal playing to pick up?

(I have been playing guitar for a year, but I picked it up late: started at 16 (17 now) so would flatter myself that I'm more capable than your average one-year guitarist- someone starting at 12, for example.)

I can play stuff by REM, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, all that chord-driven stuff fairly proficiently, but have recently started to want to play metal (Maiden in particular, although I like loads of other bands too ) as it has always been my favourite type of music.

Also am buying a new guitar, for my 18th (coming up): I was thinking BC Rich Assassin, Schecter Damien, Fender Strat, Gibson SG/ Explorer/Firebird, Jackson Dinky? Any suggestions? My budget has a ceiling of £800, but feel free to suggest anything under this figure.

Bit of an essay, I know, so thanks for reading if you, indeed, are: any advice/suggestions welcome!

it's just practice

what's your current gear?
do you play in a band/plan to?
depends on what kind of metal you mean i guess

melodic = years

mashing powerchords in drop A = minutes
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You will get it over time, time+practice is what makes you a good guitar player.

And as for your next guitar, go with the BC Rich Assassin. I bought one in February and I have not played any of my other guitars since, including my Schecter Hellraiser.
just what the world needs... another metal guitarist
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Yeah, some metal can be done in like 6 months+, other types require years.
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Your budget is pretty good. So look and try alot in a music store.

And the obvious comment: Depends on how much you practice.
Motivation is the biggest issue. Practicing or playing are two different things.
If you practice around a half hour a day you`ll get songs like Master of Puppets in 1.5 or 2 years. And you really practice the riff`s and solo`s (But beginning easily ofcourse)

If you pratice 15 minutes and play around half an hour you`ll also get progression in other things like techniques, especially if you also compose your own stuff. If you pay attention and think about the scales or chords you get to know all the basic and advanced theory.

But don`t expect to be playing Through the Fire and Flames next year. (Unless you have no life and ONLY play guitar, just resting for eating, drinking and sleeping)
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it's just practice

what's your current gear?
do you play in a band/plan to?

Hopefully, once I get to uni, yeah.

I have a line6 Spider 150W (yeah, I know) and a cheap Strat copy (not Squier)

To the guy above: It'll take 2 years to learn Master of Puppets? Or it'll take 2 years to be able to play songs that difficult?
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I would recommend getting an ESP Guitar.

They're really good, many great metal bands use them.

I've been playing for liek 3 months, and hardest thing I can play is the solo of Paper Wings by Rsie Against, and the main riff of Second Heartbeat by Avenged Sevenfold.
jsut practice. and mabe get the strat but replace the pickups with duncans and but a humbucker in, that way you can get the metal, but you can get all the other tones for the other musuc you mentioned (providing your amp is good enough) lol
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A Schecter Damien would end up being gone of the worst choices you ever make in you life (Except maybe a Damien Special... and fuck ESPs altogether). Ibanez are good for beginner/intermediate Metal players. And it will take you a while to actually be "good," but if you want to attain the skill level of Chris Broderick or Joe Stump it's gonna take a long time.
To play good Metal, not the half-ass Alternative or Nu-Metal cop-out shit, you need to study musical theory and get an understanding of Good riffs. As for tabs, a good play to start (yes, I know it's overplayed, but it is a good beginner's intro to metal techniques) is "Master of Puppets" by Metallica. After that, learn "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth. But learning theory is the key to good metal. After you have a basic understanding of musical theory (the modes, keys, etc.), you can start learning techniques like 2-hand tapping, sweeping, tremelo picking, string skipping, and (most importantly) improvising.

I reccomend you buy the book "Masters of Rock Guitar" by Peter Fisher. It gives a good view of techniques, all the way from the blues of B. B. King to insane Neo-Classical Metal of Yngwie Malmsteen. You really get a good understanding of techniques like the ones I mentioned above in the later half of the book. Also, go to this site for some basic startin lessons; http://www.vai.com/LittleBlackDots/lessons1984.html,

Sorry for the long post.
Nu-metal and the likes is fun, but relatively easy, and really shouldn't take you too long to learn.

Melodic and neo-classical, are the other hand, are extremely difficult. This, like stated earlier, requires a good knowledge of music theory, as well as different techniques such as sweeping, two-handed tapping, and, in some cases, sweep-tapping haha.

So, long story short, different areas of metal require different amounts of work.
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depends on what kind of metal.

exactly, people are to vague now a days when they use the term metal.
metal can imply anything from Maiden and ac/dc to dethklok