I don't think there is a name for it. However, I know that Robby Krieger also does this in the intro to "The End" by The Doors. 'Tis indeed cool sounding.
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i believe there is no official term
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3rd bridge playing or something, thats what
its called when you play between a bridge & tailpiece
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Eddie Van Halen does it 2. It isn't really named officially. But a lot of people jus call it 'behind the nut'.
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I thought it was Sul Ponticello? I'm not sure though.
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[quote="'']There is one of these things at the begining of the live version of Hate Me! by Children of Bodom too

If there is no official name for it shall the UG committee name it so if we ever talk about it we can refer to it with a proper name?

Yes, we should.
"Ultimate"-Guitar is the worst website on the internet. Polluted with unintelligent mongoloids.
called nuting

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Darron doesn't actually play there in the recording, just for the record.
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Why does he do it in the video then?

A lot of guitarists do something else to replace what they really do in videos.
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