I just started getting this weird humming noise that increases in loudness if I don't mute it with a finger. It starts out quiet but then it gets insanely loud. I also cannot tune the string for some reason. Anyone know?
More details please. What guitar? Locking nut? Does it do it on high gain only? Do you mean as it sustains it starts to hum? Does it happen on open A or all frets on A?
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Yhea what Sabb said, its important to know what guitar and what type of bridge.
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if you cant tune the strings, you probably had the same problem i did with my first guitar.
This only applies to a floyd rose; untighten the bolts that the strings run under on the neck going towards the headstock. Then tune it from there, then put the bolts back on, and vow never to touch the headstock pegs again. Whenever it goes out of tune, tune it from the twisty things at the bridge only.
I dont know about your humming though, isit fret buzz? If you have a floyd rose, again, i had the same problem. The bridge is probably too low because you have relieved the string pressure which causes it to tilt back. Get someone else on the forums to confirm this before you start assuming things though, im not a pro.