Hi all,

I'm considering building a guitar cab and need some advice.

I have two home stereo enclosures that I'd like to turn into a guitar cab. The enclosures are about 2 - 2.25 cu. ft. in volume and house a 15" woofer, 4" mid, and a 1" tweeter. My plan is to unite the two enclosures on their sides, remove the mids and tweeters, seal the holes and replace the woofers with these 15" guitar speakers: Weber Blue Dog

I'm confident in my ability to do the conversion and wire it properly. I have a concern with the size of the speakers though. I'd like to utilize the 15's because it'll guarantee a lot of bottom end be quite unique, but I'm worried that the mids and high's wont be represented properly. The local guitar shop tells me to make my cab with a 15" on the bottom and two 12"s in the top enclosure....(?)

Those who have experience with this, please leave your thoughts and discussions about my 2x15 proposal.

Will the sonic range that’s required for classic rock lead and rhythm work be available with this design?

A 2x15 would be excellent for bass, but might be too muddy for guitar. The 1x15 and 2x12 would be good, and unique, without being too muddy.