In several tabs I've seen chords with an x in the middle, like in Incubus - Love Hurts, I've come across:


which in the song is played strumming. But how do you strum this while making sure the x string is not played? I can't think of a way to strum without hitting that string.. Some special technique that I don't know of?
Use your index finger for the 10th fret and rest it on the other strings then your middle goes on the 11th fret and your ring finger goes on the 12th fret.
It's not that you don't play the string, it's that you use one of your fingers to 'mute' the string so that it doesn't sound a note.
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Thanks! I tried that before but I dunno..never got it out like I thought it should sound. Tried again now and I guess it sounds correct Thanks again =)
Yeah, what everyone else is saying. To kind of explain it in detail, play it like a barre chord, but only press down the E string with your index. Rest the remainder of your index on the D. That will mute it. By the way, I like the way that chord sounds
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