A lot of muse songs have a pretty distinctive tone to them, it's quite fuzzy and overdriven I think... but what fx pedals and such would I need to achieve it through an orange tt combo?

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the main distortion pedal that bellamy uses is a Zvex fuzz factory
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pre absolution was pretty much just his marshall, absolution and black holes sound like a muff on top of that.
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A fuzz factory won't get you ALL of his tones, though. He uses some pretty ridiculous equipment besides that. And he uses Diezel amps, which are pretty distinctive if I do say so myself.


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Although a Fuzz Factory, Phase 90, and delay would probably get you close enough.

A Whammy pedal in there would get you a good number of his solo sounds as well.
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if you need help with that, ask Vincent745

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