Hey guys, we've just recorded a couple of rough demos (bedroom style) to send out to some bars in the area for gigs. I wanted to get some feedback and since UG is relatively diverse in my experience, it seemed like a good place to go.

Anyway, the page is www.myspace.com/polliannaband

Add us/message us on there, or you can just reply on here. Any opinions are appreciated.


well, we're pretty happy with her honestly.. but thanks for checking it out anyway man and glad you liked it otherwise

I really enjoyed your stuff man, it sounds better than most of the other stuff here Vocals are not perfect, but defenetly nice. Your style is not exactly mine, but i would listen to you on a gig instead of running away

Btw, the Hello Hello was pretty cool, reminded me of a song i wrote long ago...

So good luck for your gigging
i love it man, keep it up!
i think you could get places
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thanks guys, yeah i know the recording quality is definitely lacking, but it's just kind of a tool to hopefully get us some gigs for now.. we're gonna try to get some better recordings in december when we're not all broke

thanks for checkin it out guys, and i'm stoked that you guys were into it.