so today I bought a set of dunlo icon wyldes and they suck horribly.the high e string broke as of tuning up and the tone is just absoloutley horrid.so I need recommendations of a new type of string to play, I play metal on a lp and prefer bigger strings 12,13's but decided to try 10's today and it just didnt work out so anything higer then an 11 will work
You're looking for another brand? Try D'Addario, they sound great on my LP, and feel better than any other strings i've tried.
yeah looking for new brands I like d 'addario's but the only ones they sell at my gc are jazz series and sound shit for metal
Yeah I am thinking alot about drs if I do are the dime bag HIgh voltage series any good or do the standard drs sound the same?
i was gonna mention my favorite brand, dean markley blue steel, but theyre extremely hard to get in anything higher than .10's.

in that case, try ernie balls power slinkies.
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Ernie Ball Power Slinky, those are .011's
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Ernie Ball Skinny Tops Heavy Bottoms. Its a 10-52 set. I love them.
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Yeah I am thinking alot about drs if I do are the dime bag HIgh voltage series any good or do the standard drs sound the same?

I'd get some Hi-Beams if I were you.
what about the les paul proper ones? or failing that i've got a set of fender super bullets 0.10 on my (custom made) LP and they sound amazing! in fact i prefer them to the actual les paul strings
I liked Gibson Pure Les Paul Strings. They were really good, too bad there weren't anything thicker than 10-46

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I think im gonna get a set of drs,do they make 13's or 12's?if not ill probably go with the ernie balls but from what i hear they rust and stuff rather quick is this true.I did use lp strings before but i started playing 12/13's and havent found anything with good tone yet besides d'addario jazz but they dont work for metal which is what I play now for the most part
Dunlop? My GC only had .09 and .10s, but yours might have bigger ones.
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